Michael Krznarich’s ESB Darth Vader Build

501st Legion – ESB Darth Vader, CRL

So if you are looking at any Darth Vader it is usually a marathon not a sprint. Most of the better quality parts can only be purchased through waiting list on the sith lord 501st forum. Many of those vendors will make only 30 or so total pieces a year. If you watch the forum for sale items close you might get lucky as I did and finish in 14 months.

  • Helmet- Bookface
  • Armor-Bookface
  • Belt boxes- Darkside
  • Belt buckle-Darkside
  • Chestbox-Darkside
  • Under Suit-Fenix Props
  • Shin guards- Fenix Props
  • Gloves- Fenix Props
  • Cape and Sir Coat-Kev Vader