Ohio Garrison Logo

The history of the Ohio Garrison is intertwined with that of the humble era of which saw major growth throughout the 501st Legion into becoming the internationally recognized community that it is now known for as being today. 2001 saw the creation of the Ohio Squad, a designation of the Midwest Garrison, an origin like many other units in belonging to a much larger conglomerate operating under a single banner. Through the strength and perseverance of our founders, the Ohio Squad continued to grow; more members joined our roster, weekends were booked, we became a fixture of courtesy and professionalism in promoting our love for Star Wars at events we were requested to attend throughout the state. These troopers would bring results and their tenacious spirit would carry on to Dragon*Con 2003 when 501st Legion founder, Albin Johnson, declared sovereignty and full recognition of Ohio at the annual Legion Commander’s Meeting, thus founding the Ohio Garrison.

Ohio Garrison
Founded: August 31, 2003

Gem City Squad Logo

Gem City Squad is the first squad to form in the Ohio Garrison. Stemming from the southwest/central region of Ohio, its major occupying city is Dayton. With Dayton being known as the “Gem City” and having major ties to aviation history, such as being home to the Wright Brothers and the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Gem City Squad’s namesake and logo were created in reference to its rich cultural significance.

Gem City Squad
Founded: March 12, 2020

Burning River Squad logo

Burning River Squad is the second squad to form in the Ohio Garrison. Based out of northeast Ohio, the squad drew heavy inspiration from the infamous Cuyahoga River fire of 1969. As a notable event that once brought shame, northeast Ohioans have since co-opted the incident as a means of inspiration in striving to do better; that which burns can rise, from ashes born anew.

Burning River Squad
Founded: March 20, 2020

River Valley Squad Logo

River Valley Squad is the third squad to form in the Ohio Garrison. Occupying most of the southern reaches of Ohio, the squad maintains a heavy presence from the Cincinnati region and beyond. In being representatives of the southern border of the state, the squad found enthusiasm in their geography upon the shelf of the Ohio River Valley and decidedly chose it for their namesake.

River Valley Squad
Founded: May 13, 2020

Arch City Squad Logo

Arch City Squad is the fourth squad to form in the Ohio Garrison. Hailing from the central portion of the state, the squad’s chosen name and logo hearkens to the days of old in our capitol when wooden arches were erected to welcome Union veterans to Columbus. As a key tenet in architecture, this namesake decidedly symbolizes even more for the Ohio Garrison: a fixture for which spans and connects all of our squads together.

Arch City Squad
Founded: December 4, 2021