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I played with placement and was trying to figure out where to glue the straps for placement.  I opted to use the shoulder strap bumps as my guide.  I placed the chest piece on and counted the bumps to where the center of my shoulder is and wound up with 7 bumps from the front.  I glued the right-side strap to the back with the sew snap at the 7th bump and clamped in place.  For the left side the front and back straps are glued

For the shoulder bells, started with the elastic strapping that will help hold the bells in.  I measured about 8 inches of 1-inch black elastic

I lined it up so that it came up to the inside edge and E6000 in place.  I made it a taught as I could without pulling the bells inward on themselves too much.

To attach the shoulder bells to the chest I measured about 5 inches of 1-inch elastic strapping and folded over about 1 1/8 inch and sewed to give it some extra strength

I than stitched in the sewed in the male end of the sew in snaps that I purchased and glued the strapping in place.

The Bicep hooks will hook onto the shoulder bell strap and prevent the biceps from sliding down

I than rounded one end and measured 1/2 from the rounded end to bend the ABS to create my hook

Placed my sealing iron slightly above the mark and held in place until it was heated just enough (20-30 seconds) and glued in place.

Kidney to Abs strapping

After a fitment check I measured 3 1/2 inches of black 1-inch elastic, then folded this over 3/4 of an inch and sewed and glued.

For the thighs, the only odd thing I came across for was for my right thigh.  Line up the edges at the top and allow the bottom to be uneven.  The thigh ammo pack will ide the unevenness.  I did have a slight gap that I was able to fix with scrap ABS and some gluing.

For my shins this is how I have it lined up.  There is much discussion on which shin is which (long-long, short-short or long-short, long-short).  I lined up the tops and glued them together.

To take care of the unevenness at the bottom means we must trim the long side down at the ankle to match up with the shorter

For thigh strapping I used the garter belt design.  You wear a Velcro belt and have loops that attach to the top of the thighs and around the belt.  Keeping your thighs up.

I took a pencil and sat it on the edge of the short side and marked the long side where I would need to trim.

I cut close to the line and ended taking my Dremel sander to the rest to bring it in line and shape the remainder of the ankle

I used elastic and hooks to close my shins in the back just as the did in the movie.  This it not a requirement for any level just something I wanted to do.  Three holes are drilled in the ABS for the hook to go into

There is a bit of a gap with how the sides come together which can be fixed with a hot water bath treatment in a big pot.  Depending on how big your pot is you can do one end of the shin then flip around and do the other end.

ANH Holster has Tan straps that go behind the belt and about ¾ inch from the edge of the plastic belt boxes.

The thigh ammo pack has a slight curve cut out and is held in place with rivets.  Rivets are painted white.

I used these for my gloves (centurion requires neoprene gloves) and flexible hand guards which can be purchased from many vendors on  Glue hand guards in place and good to go.  I pained mine with a gloss paint to better match the armor color.

Here is my completed Centurion approved ANH TK Stunt.

The full detailed build thread can be located