Jeffrey Aurand’s TK Build (Page 2 of 3)

Split rivets and nylon straps installed

For the shoulder straps, the best way to get the curve is to heat in boiling water and use a soccer ball or basketball to shape.  Then glue in place.

For centurion approval I need to put a snap in the upper right-hand corner of the Ab ABS.  I measured 20mm from the vertical outermost return edge 20 mm from the horizontal edge.  Drilled my hole and set the snap

Cut left side ab buttons and glued in place.

Main button cut.  I was told that I should have left some of the flat piece on it, but it did not impact my approval.

Here is a great reference I found on for the belt and thigh ammo pack

Main belt cut, and 45-degree angles made.

I than added the pop snaps to the Ab piece.  The measurements from the horizontal edge and the vertical are 1/2 inches from the bottom edge

ok this measurement to my Imperial Issue belt.  I measured between the Velcro and marked the halfway point on the belt than I measured 6 1/4 inches from the middle point.  I than used a soldering iron to put the holes in the canvas belt at the 2 outside marked spots and added my snaps

I lined up the belt with the inside 45 corners on the inside line of stitching and marked the points on the belt with a dry erase marker.  Again, I used the soldering iron to make the holes and then put the rivets in place.  I put a 3mm washer on the back to give it a bit more grip

Test fit, and belt works.  For centurion the belt must cover/touch the bottom of the button.  Easily fixed with Velcro to hold belt in place.

Drop boxes There is a larger one and a smaller one.  The smaller one makes up the back of the larger one.

I trimmed these down to have a 15 mm edge and assembled.

To make these functional I took some of my remaining nylon webbing and glued them in at the bottom to make a hinge.  I drilled a hole in the back portion (the smaller box) and looped my elastic between the plastic belt and canvas belt and riveted the elastic to the drop box.

Using some glue, aligned the drop box with the edge of the belt to keep it in place.

added a snap to the right shoulder for closing the shoulder together.  The left shoulder is just elastic glued to the back and chest

measured out 10 inches of 2-inch white elastic.  I measured out extra because I was not sure where everything should fit and it’s easier to have more to work with than less.

I marked the half way point and then measured 3/4 inch from the edge for where me sew in snap will go.  The snap is off centered to provide some overlap of the straps, so the snap will be closer to my neck rather.

For the right side I folded over and sew a loop to strengthen to add a Tandy line 24 snap