Jeffrey Aurand’s TK Build (Page 1 of 3)

501st Legion – ANH Stunt Stormtrooper, CRL

BBB Day! Got my box of white plastic, now to build myself a Stormtrooper!  A New Hope Stunt TK to be exact.  My goal for my build is Centurion approval as well as to emulate the screen worn Stormtrooper costumes.

I started with the bucket, I drilled three holes out in the eyes, as well as a small hole in each “tooth”, four on each side.  After this I cut the eyes out, as well as used a Dremel sanding drum to remove excess material from the back of the face plate.  I also use small files to shape the teeth into the “twinkie” style rather than having them squared off.

Here you can see the “twinkie” style teeth on the left side of the face plate (right side of image)

The outer shell of the bucket I traced a line where I rough cut.  The ears will hide the joint of the overlap.

Cut and brow trim installed

Here I put in my ear screws and aligned the ears with the rear trap.  I also started to pain the black outline in the traps.  The ear screws should be aligned with the rear of the trapezoid.

Pulled ear off and you can see a few holes that were putting rivets in to hold the shape correctly.

Cutting the excess off and installed the ear you can not see anything of the old holes

Painting as per the Testors colors, these were readily available at hobby lobby near me.  I opted to hand paint all the parts and used a stencil for the tube stripes.  Tube strips should be a #2 pencil width from the cheeks

Installed S-trim and green lens and helmet is complete!

The forearms were very easy to assemble.  Cut to size of your arm, while maintaining an appearance of two separate halves, remove all return edge at the wrist for Centurion approval. and glue together using cover strips.

Biceps were done similar to the forearms, but I kept a small amount of return edge to give the illusion of armor thickness.

Next up is to work on the chest, back, ab, kidney and butt plate.  The kidney and butt plate in my kit came as one piece.  Per the CRL these are to be two separate parts so cut them apart.

Now as my goal was to emulate the exact screen worn suits, I use brackets to connect the butt, kidney, back plate together.  Since I did not have a return edge to mount the brackets to I had to create one.  I made a jig for the butt and kidney plate and took a heat-sealing iron to fold the ABS over and create the return edge.

Final attachment using brackets

Now to connect the left side kidney to the front ab.  I am using the clam-shell approach.  All rivets need to be spaced 10mm from the edge, but nothing states for the top or bottom.  I started with 20 mm from the top return edge and I measured 10mm from the bottom lip return edge

Then I measured the distance between the two outer marks and divided by 2 and got my middle point.  I double checked that these were 10mm from the edge and drilled my holes using a 1/8 drill bit.

 I lined up the kidney plate to the Ab plate to make sure I got the marks at the correct level and measured 10mm from the edge.