About Us

The Ohio Garrison is a regional chapter of the 501st Legion. The 501st is a worldwide Star Wars costuming club, with over 12,000 active members in 62 countries, and six continents. We wear the costumes of the ‘bad guys’ from the Star Wars movies, tv shows, and books, including Stormtroopers, Tie Pilots, Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, and many others.

The 501st Legion is primarily a costuming club, however the Legion and its Garrisons and squads volunteer significant time in support of various community and charity organizations, such as Make-a-Wish, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and the Down Syndrome’s Buddy Walk.

The 501st is LucasFilm’s go-to group for volunteers in support of official Star Wars and LucasFilm appearances and promotions, such as movie releases, the official Concert series, ‘Star Wars’ days and nights at ballparks, stadiums, and ice arenas. 

Members of the Ohio Garrison support charitable and community events across the entire state of Ohio. While members of the OG may attend events that occur over state lines, such events will typically be coordinated by another garrison in charge of that territory. The Ohio Garrison often liaises with the Blue Grass Garrison (Kentucky), the Bloodfin Garrison (southern Indiana), Northern Darkness Garrison (northern Indiana), Great Lakes Garrison (Michigan), Garrison Corellia (West Virginia), and Starkiller Garrison (Western Pennsylvania).

Additionally, the Ohio Garrison works closely with our sister organization – Apollo Base, which is a division of the Rebel Legion. The Rebel Legion is comprised of costumers portraying the ‘good guys’ of the Star Wars universe, and the two groups often appear together at events.

While our costumes portray the bad guys from the Star Wars films, children and adults alike love us as much as the good guys! If you have a mission for “the bad guys who do good,” please do not hesitate to contact us.